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Xratedchat local women

after watching patron for awhile, i did not catch anything out of the way. i went to station #4 to tell him that if he were bringing up sexually explicit pictures on the internet that he would need to get off.

much to my surprise, there it was in front of my eyes on the monitor.

as a parent, i am concerned about this pornographic stuff which can affect my children's minds as well as other children, especially in a public place.

i wonder if there is any way to filter these things out, so my children can use it without fear of seeing these kinds of young men and one young woman were using the adult internet computer.

we said that we would take care of it right away and jo immediately went over and put the computer back to the library's homepage.

on friday morning, the woman called and spoke to me.

the girl corresponded with the woman on the internet using a fort smith public library computer.

cronk, who had talked to the girl over the internet for about a month, caught a flight to fort smith tuesday afternoon and met the girl at the library branch on market trace, detective cpl. arkansas times: "woman charged in library internet case" 4/17/98it was reported that patron had been bringing up naked women on the internet.

just imagine the harm and trauma these kinds of images would to an elementary school class as they were on a field trip to their friendly neighborhood library.i have three children age 5, 7, and 9 years of age.she was concerned about other children seeing such images in the library.she told me that she had had to explain the "birds and the bees" to her children.she walked her son over to the restroom located on the second floor of the library and let her son go into the men's restroom by himself.he son was gone for approximately 2 to 3 minutes when he came back outside and told his mother that there was a black boy inside the bathroom who was willing to give him a quarter to "suck his d___"...

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i asked damian to tell me a little bit of what he does at the liseveral weeks ago i was in the library for some research and was given a "ticket" for computer use.

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