Gridview rowupdating code in c

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Open() Using da As New Sql Data Adapter(comm) dt = New Data Table("tbl") da.

ID" Dim s Constr As String = Configuration Manager. Connection String Using conn As New Sql Connection(s Constr) Using comm As New Sql Command(SQL, conn) conn. Data Bind() End If Protected Sub cmd Grid View Row_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Dim str As String = "" For Each o Item As Grid View Row In Grid View1.

After that add the code in the Row Updating Event Handler (for e.g.

setting the format of data to be stored in the table, Html encoding the data to be stored into the table to prevent cross site scripting attacks etc...) protected override void On Init(Event Args e) void Grid View1_Row Updating(Object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) The Row Updating Event occurs after the Update button on the Datagrid is clicked and before the row is updated in the database (underlying data source) Row Updated Event occurs after the row has been updated in the underlying datasource.

The Grid View control supports the following features:use Row Editing, Row Updating, Row Deleting, Row Command, Row Data Bound, Row Canceling Edit, and Pagination in a Data Grid.

Net is useful for displaying large data in a tabular format.

so what should i write in datakeynames property to get the row index?

Please suggest me any quick solution Thanks in advance.

I have previously posted an article on how to insert new rows in database using a Grid View.

In this article however, I'll show you how a Grid View control can be used to update (edit), delete and insert data in a remote SQL Server table. Attach the Grid View with the Sql Data Source control, the way we have shown the link above.

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Introduction The Grid View control displays the values of a data source in a table.

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