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Listen to William Cane talking about birth order compatibility by clicking the following link and scrolling down the page to the "Friday, November 2" show on "Sibling Rivalry." Fast forward ahead 33 minutes into the mp3 program (or into the Windows Media Player version) to hear William Cane talking about who your best match is based on birth order. Birth order is one of the most important things making you unique. Everyone has a birth order — you, your friends, your family members, your teachers, your co-workers — everyone.Lisa encouraged us to not only be adventurous in meeting men, but to actually enjoy the art of dating.I found it especially useful to learn what mature men really seek in relationships (thrilled to learn it is not younger women) and how to recognize the men who may interfere with my goal for a healthy long-term relationship.

Birth order is defined as your rank in your sibling constellation: firstborn, middleborn, lastborn, only child, or twin.Valued at Join these top experts as they share their most exclusive tips to help you determine whether he is Mr.Right, understand who men over 50 are and what makes them tick, learn why men disappear online and what to do about it, what are the 5 best places to meet men, how to get the most from online dating after 50, and so much more!You can use a knowledge of birth order to find out how to get along better with family, friends, and co-workers. Throughout this Web site we'll show you how birth order affects personality and romantic compatibility, and for fun we'll even examine some celebrities. Maybe that's why she loves getting attention and challenging the status quo. Few other fields of study offer such rich rewards for the intellectually curious.Using this site, you'll discover new things about yourself — including potential talents and abilities — that you may never have dreamed you had.

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