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Consolidating two mortgages

Loans using equity as collateral have allowed homeowners to complete improvements and renovations to their property, debt restructuring or investments.Combining two mortgages into one may provide a financial advantage to the homeowner as ownership interest value is built in the home.[hcshort id=”7″] The following are some common scenarios where consolidating multiple mortgages is either impossible or provides little benefit: If your plan was to consolidate your mortgages but there’s no benefit in it or it’s impossible to do because of lending guidelines, ask your lender about redoing just your first mortgage and leaving your second mortgage intact in a subordination transaction.This is not as simple as a refinance transaction not involving a subordination, it may still provide you with benefit.Millions of homeowners have taken advantage of the equity in their home and financed second mortgages in the form of home equity loans or home equity lines of credit – therefore, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to have two mortgages.In many cases, this secondary loan has helped the homeowner avoid private mortgage insurance or the effect of raised interest rates that were applied to jumbo loans.Have you done a cash-out loan with your second mortgage?If this is the case, the new loan you refinance for may be more expensive, and the amount for which you qualify may be reduced.

In this scenario, the 5 monthly payment has skyrocketed to 0 per month.

This loan is an adjustment on the interest rate and terms of your current loan.

In most mortgage consolidations, this loan is considered safer.

As with all refinancing products, it’s important to weigh your options.

Will loan consolidation save you money in the long-run?

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You’ll need to do the math to see if this is the case for your situation.