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In 1906 the Arizona Bar Association was first incorporated.

In 1912 it adopted the ethical rules of the American Bar Association and began official admission procedures for law practice. Murphy, the 24th president of the State Bar of Arizona, recounted the founding of the Bar in a 1960 article for the Arizona Law Review: the State Bar of Arizona was created as an integrated legal entity.

The Foundation supports pro bono volunteer work by Arizona lawyers, including the "Wills for Heroes" program, which provides free wills to first responders.

Other programs of the Foundation include Kids Voting, Project Citizen, AZLaw, We the People, Lawfor, Lawfor, and Lawfor

In 1948 the Bar established its first central office in Phoenix. In 1955 the Board authorized the creation of sections in the State Bar organization for the benefit of members with a special interest in particular areas of the law.

In April 1961, the Bar published the first Bar Journal, an anthology of featured articles from 1940 to date.

The State Bar of Arizona is the integrated (mandatory) bar association of the U. The State Bar, under the direction of the Court, establishes procedures for the discipline of lawyer misconduct and provides education and development programs for the legal profession and the public.

In 1988 the Bar opened a satellite office in Tucson, serving lawyers in Pima, Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties.The entire lawyer regulation process is monitored by the Attorney Regulation Advisory Committee of the Arizona Supreme Court. The first Arizona-wide bar association was created in 1895.In 1902, it led the rewriting of a civil code for the Territory and in 1904 strongly promoted the admission of Arizona as a state into the Union.Through the Rules of The Supreme Court of Arizona, the privilege to practice law in Arizona is granted solely to "active member[s] of the state bar." It is governed by a 30-member Board of Governors: four non-attorney, public members appointed by the Board; three at-large members appointed by the Arizona Supreme Court, 19 attorney members elected by fellow Bar members in their districts; and four ex officio members (immediate past president and the deans of Arizona's three law schools.) The Bar is a private/non-profit funded through membership dues and service fees; it is not a state agency and receives no taxpayer funding.The State Bar was organized to advance the administration of justice, provide for the regulation and discipline of persons engaged in the practice of law; foster integrity, learning, competence, and public service within the legal profession.

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To protect lawyers from frivolous complaints, the Rules of The Supreme Court of Arizona allow the Bar to: Serious ethical violations may result in a variety of sanctions or diversion, with disbarment being the most severe form of sanction.

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