Amrita rao dating jaal lead singer dating with females in pune

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Amrita rao dating jaal lead singer

Upon realising her mistake, Simrita helps Lucky and Kamini reconcile and decides to confess her love for Viraj at the wedding ceremony.

They both have a very low opinion of the marriage as well as opposite sex, and staunchly believe marriage is not the way to go for the two newlyweds, whom they try to discourage from proceeding further.She is sure, Lucky will not be able to do so and this will prove to Kamini that Lucky is just another low-class male, like all others, and her claims of him being different from most men are unfounded.Viraj, upon hearing about this new development, tries to do the exact opposite.Things will be confirmed shortly and we will be making a formal announcement when that happens." However, when a fire broke out on the backlot of Universal Studios on 1 June 2008, the shooting of the film was expected to be delayed.But the producer indicated, "so far the area where we are supposed to shoot remains unaffected.

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Rachel Saltz from The New York Times concluded that "[the film] has only one frantic desire: to entertain.