Adult sex in tunisia

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Adult sex in tunisia

The overall diabetes prevalence was 9.9% (9.5% in men and 10.1 in women) giving age-adjusted prevalence of diabetes of 8.5% (7.3% in men and 9.6% in women).Step-wise logistic regression showed age of more than 40 years, urban residency and high BMI to each be significantly and independently related to diabetes prevalence.The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is known to be increasing rapidly worldwide, but few population-based surveys have been undertaken in Africa or the Middle East.The aims of this study are to report the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and impaired fasting glucose (IFG) in Tunisia, to compare the prevalence to previous studies and to analyse the relationship between diabetes and age, sex, area of residency and body mass index (BMI).According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there will be 300 million people with diabetes by the year 2025 (King et al., 1998).

Our study has demonstrated a high prevalence of diabetes in the adult population with a wide difference among the rural and urban areas with an increased prevalence compared to previous studies.

The Eastern Mediterranean/Middle East region is thought to be experiencing a particularly rapid increase in obesity and diabetes (Asfour et al., 1995; World Health Organisation, 1997; Ajlouni et al., 1998), but not all countries have data from nationwide surveys.

Major health problems face Arab countries and the public health challenges include wide disparities between rural and urban areas in different countries with an emphasis on curative rather than preventive care (Samer, 2003).

To reduce the bias between the sexes caused by the variation in response rate, the results of the men and women were analysed separately.

Three specially trained nurses and three physicians performed the measurements of the whole TNNS.

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