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In my role as “geo-targeted dating sleuth,” I uncovered some key trends and single-friendly spots to aid your search. The Midwest is more like a desert for single women…

With the highest share of currently married men, the five states where single women will struggle the most to find a date are: Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Utah and Nebraska.

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Cohen wonders if singer George Strait was onto something when he sang, “All my exes live in Texas.” The numbers show that Texas is indeed home to more adults that have been married multiple times (i.e., three marriages or more) than any other state, which doesn’t exactly put out the welcome mat to singles looking for one love that’ll last a lifetime.

Something must be in the air down there, since the neighboring states of Arkansas and Oklahoma also “boast” (if that’s the word) high numbers of people who’ve been married and divorced multiple times. If you’re a single woman in search of an unattached man, then North Carolina should be on your mind your radar.

"Vital Chek is the authorized vendor for the New Mexico Department of Health's Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics to process credit card orders made by fax, phone and on-line for vital records.

The New Mexico Supreme Court is the State's highest court and final court of review (court of last resort).

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According to D’Vera Cohn, senior writer for the Pew Research Center, “the data does provide clues” for where singles can and should be looking in order to increase their odds of finding an attractive mate.

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